This website is for informational purposes only focused on our tobacco wrap products.  You cannot place an order.  If you would like to buy Zig-Zag wraps online, please view the next question to learn how.

The only way to purchase Zig-Zag wraps online is through our wholesale website wholesale.zigzag.com.  In order to place an order, you must sign up for an account by providing your business information and required documents.  To purchase tobacco wraps, you will be required to upload your tobacco sellers license in your application. Our team will review your application in 1-2 business days.

You can click here to sign up for a wholesale account.

Yes.  You can purchase our collection of rolling papers for your business through our wholesale website wholesale.zigzag.com or through our direct-to-consumer website zigzag.com.  To purchase papers through our wholesale website, you will be required to apply for a wholesale account.  You do not need an account to purchase from zigzag.com, but you will be asked to verify your age during checkout.


Natural Leaf Wraps are the newest addition to our cigar wrap lineup.  The original tobacco leaf is not processed at all, it is simply cut and shaped to the perfect cigar-rolling size, preserving all of the leaf's natural imperfections and attributes.  This is a great wrap for those looking for a pure, unaltered tobacco smoking experience.

Zig-Zag Original Wraps are our oldest and most popular cigar wraps.  Grown from a rare leaf native to the Philippines, and processed into a smooth, easy-to-roll wrap that maintains the tobacco leaf's natural attributes while getting rid of any obtrusive imperfections.  We make this wrap in a large variety of flavors, perfect for anyone looking for a consistent, flavorful smoking experience.

For those looking for a smaller-sized cigar smoking experience, we offer our popular Original Wraps in cigarillo sizes.  Each pack comes with 4 wraps compared to the 2 included in all other wrap products.  Same great consistency and flavor in a smaller size.

Zig-Zag Cone Wraps are perfect for those who want to get straight to smoking without the trouble of rolling a cigar.  We took our Original Wraps and pre-rolled them into easy-to-fill cones that just need to be packed.  No hassle and no friction make these ideal for a smooth smoking experience.