5 Reasons Why You Choose Rough Cut Cigars

Look no further than Zig-Zag Rough Cut cigars. These classic rough-cut cigars undergo little processing to retain the imperfections of the natural tobacco leaf. This is one reason to choose these cigars over others. For over 140 years, Zig-Zag has innovated time and time again to bring the very best in smokables and accessories. If you've tried Zig-Zag wraps, you may know what to expect. But as an introduction to these cigars, we bring you the top 5 reasons to choose Zig-Zag Rough Cut cigars.

Made by Zig-Zag

In 1879 Maurice and Jacques Braunstein founded a paper manufacturing company in Paris. They aimed to meet cigarette smoker demands by delivering the ready-to-use rolling paper.

The French entrepreneurs won a gold medal at the Universal Exposition in 1906 for revolutionary innovation. They developed a way to package pre-cut rolling papers into a self-dispensing booklet. This groundbreaking invention has now become an industry standard.

Over many years the company would grow its product line, and the Zig-Zag brand would expand into a global brand. While Zig-Zag is known for its classic slow-burning French Orange Rolling paper, you'll find an array of rolling papers from Organic Hemp and Ultra-thin papers.

Besides iconic rolling papers, Zig-Zag is also known for making premium cigar wraps in many different flavors, including mango, peach, and straight.

Rough Cut cigars are an extension of the history of quality and innovation. So keep ready to find out more!


Natural Tobacco

Zig-Zag Rough Cut cigars are made from the finest tobacco products. The aim is to elevate your cigar smoking experience and bring you rich, indulgent smoke.

Inside this premium cigar, you will find the most delicate, uniformly shredded tobacco from the Dominican Republic. This region is known for some of the finest tobacco in the world. The aromatic filler is expertly packed to bring a firm cigar with a smooth draw.

To top it off, this filler is nestled in the finest Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco. You'll be hard-pressed to find a better pairing for rough-cut cigars.

Besides adding aromatic flavors, these cigars go through very little processing. The idea is to retain the perfect imperfections of the natural leaf and bring you a classic rough-cut aesthetic.


Four Flavors

Variety is the spice of life. We bring you a range of flavors. Try them all. Pair them with occasions and share the experience with friends.

If Dominican and Connecticut tobacco seems like all you'll ever need, you could be right. But, if you want an unadorned tobacco smoking experience, our Natural flavor is for you.

Are you looking for a subtle enhancement of our Natural flavor? Keep it simple and sweet with Sweet Aromatic. You can't go wrong with this sophisticated flavor.

Honey Berry is unique. Imagine a bowl of berries and a drizzle of honey. That's the inspiration for this rough-cut cigar flavor. Vanilla Cream is yet another for the sweet tooth. Pair with dessert, or enjoy this creamy delight on its own.

Resealable Flavor Saving Package

Freshness is key when it comes to cigars. Zig-Zag Rough Cut cigars may travel quite a distance to get to you. This is why we have done our best to ensure it arrives in the freshest state possible.

Each carton contains 15 resealable foil-fresh pouches. Smoke one today and reseal the pouch for another. The foil keeps the harsh UV rays from breaking down the tobacco, and the seal keeps the moisture locked in. So slip the Zig-Zag cigar pouch into your backpack or handbag, and take your premium cigars with you!

Convenient 2 Pack

The great thing about these cigars is you get 2 in a pack. So enjoy a premium rough-cut cigar today and another whenever you like. These Zig-Zag cigars are great for sharing too! Char one with a friend and smoke one yourself. You could even buy a carton for a special occasion. You'll find 15 units in one box. That's 30 cigars! Don't settle for just one flavor. Try them all and mix them up. There is a flavor for every occasion.



If you're looking to purchase premium rough-cut cigars, you can't go wrong with Zig-Zag cigars. These rough-cut cigars are made from the finest natural Dominican and Connecticut tobacco. In addition, Zig-Zag is known for producing iconic rolling papers that offer a slow-burn smoking experience. Zig-Zag Rough Cuts are an extension of the brand's quality and dedication to the needs of smokers. Try all four flavors today!