Rolling Papers vs. Blunt Wraps

Can you imagine a world without rolling papers? Neither can we. How about a world without blunt wraps? While rolling paper could be the most popular way to smoke, blunt wraps have been gaining ground in past decades and show no sign of slowing down. But which is right for you? The answer to this question is individual.

The smoking experience varies from a solo-smoking meander through the countryside to smoking with friends at a dinner party and many other ways of smoking. Each special moment can be enhanced by the method you choose. We'll lift the lid on the aromatic world of blunt wraps and compare them to traditional rolling papers. Keep reading to find out which is best for you.

What is a Blunt Wrap?

The blunt wrap was originally a cigar but has become a tailored smoking method for many. During the 1980s it became popular on the East Coast of the United States, where smokers used to empty the tobacco inside the cigar and repack the tobacco leaf shell with their favorite herb.

The term "Blunt" comes from Phillies Blunt cigars, a popular choice for creating blunts back then. The DIY method of blunt creation is still alive and well, while cigars like White Owl, Swisher Sweets, and Dutch Masters remain popular today.

Hip-Hop's Influence

While the exact origin of the blunt wrap is obscured by the smoke of time, it was the 1990s hip-hop scene that brought the blunt wrap to its worldwide popularity. Redman's 1992 track "How to Roll a Blunt" stands as a street-smart DIY tutorial. Odious artist Snoop Dogg was another rapper to popularize blunts.

Meeting Demand

Rolling paper manufacturers would soon meet consumer demand by rolling out ready-to-use blunt wraps. These blunt wraps are made from whole-leaf tobacco or bonded tobacco. Nowadays, there is a huge variety of wraps to choose from. Also, when it comes to the flavors, you are bound to be spoiled by an excessive choice.

What is a Rolling Paper?

Rolling paper dates back centuries. Paper manufacturers in Europe began meeting the demand of consumers who used newspaper and scrap paper to roll their tobacco manually. Over the decades, we have seen this industry grow exponentially.


The materials used to manufacture rolling papers vary from wood pulp to flax and hemp. Each material has different characteristics which contribute to the smoking experience. Today, materials are often blended to optimize the experience.


Rolling papers come in different sizes and are packaged in convenient booklets. Rolling papers are sometimes flavored to enhance the taste of your smoke. They vary in weight from ultra-light rice rolling papers to thicker rolling paper.

Heavier papers will be easier to roll with, while ultra-thin ones will be more challenging. Color and quality also vary from brand to brand. When selecting rolling papers, opt for a reputable brand, dedicated to producing quality products.

Zig-Zag is a world leader when it comes to high-quality rolling papers. We offer a wide range of products to optimize and enhance your smoking experience. Whether you are looking for convenience or a classic slow-burning smoking session — has something for you.

One thing to note is that rolling papers are used to make joints, while blunts are typically tobacco-based. Keep reading to learn how rolling papers compare to blunt wraps.

A Matter of Size

When choosing blunt wraps over rolling papers or visa-versa, size is something you might want to consider. Note that rolling papers offer more diverse sizes, while blunt wraps possess a larger capacity for your herb of choice.

Size Variety

Rolling papers come in a wide range of sizes. The 1 1/4 or Spanish-Size is a top choice for a solo smoking session, and the beloved King-Size is ideal for up to four or five people sharing. Rolling papers also come in other sizes like Double Wide and King-Slim. Double Wide is the same length as a 1 1/4 but twice as wide, which allows you to roll an extra fat joint. King-Slim is a length of a King-Size paper but narrower.

Big Blunts

If you are looking for a super-size option, blunt wraps are the way to go. Zig-Zag Natural Leaf Wraps are made from whole tobacco leaf and measure 110x65mm. They are bigger than a King-Size rolling paper and are perfect for sharing a blunt with a large group of close friends.

The great thing about blunts is that you don't have to use the entire wrap. If you are looking for a more customizable smoking experience, feel free to cut the wrap to suit your needs. Or better yet, opt for Zig-Zag 'Rillo Size Wraps. These wraps are 108x34mm and come in a resealable foil-fresh pack of four premium wraps. They are also available in different flavors.


If you are a veteran daily smoker, you may be concerned about the price of your consumables. And rightly so. Depending on the frequency of your smoking sessions, things can get expensive. Choosing to light up an expertly rolled blunt daily may sound great, but it may not be the most economical option.


Simple Economics

It is important to note that rolling papers are far more affordable than blunt wraps. While a pack of blunt wraps contains two to four wraps, a booklet of rolling papers fits up to 50 leaves! On top of this, the tobacco used to make blunt wraps is more expensive than flax, hemp, and wood that regular rolling papers are made of.

Assess Your Needs

Let's face it — not all of us can roll like Snoop Dogg. Consider your budget and your needs when deciding to smoke blunt wraps or rolling papers. And remember, blunt wraps can always be a weekend treat if not a daily indulgence.


The flavor is arguably the most crucial aspect of the smoking experience. While rolling papers will impart little to no taste to your smoke, tobacco-based blunt wraps will have a noticeable impact on the flavor of your smoke.

Thickness and Material 

Ultra-thin rolling papers are suitable for smokers who want to savor the natural flavor of their preferred herb. Thicker rolling paper-like hemp papers will add a subtle yet earthy flavor to the joint. Typically made from tobacco, blunt wraps offer a more saturated aroma and flavor when compared to rolling papers.

Tobacco-Free Alternative

If you are not used to smoking tobacco but still want to smoke blunts, try Zig-Zag Hemp Wraps. These wraps are 100% tobacco-free and come in non-trivial flavors like Island Vibes, OG Purp, and Blue Dream.

Flavor Options 

Blunt wraps are available in different flavors: from fruit flavors like pineapple, blueberry, and peach to dessert flavors like chocolate and vanilla. Rolling papers also come in many flavors, yet blunt wraps offer a more rich overall taste and aroma.

Tobacco Buzz

Tobacco-based blunt wraps are much thicker than rolling papers. They create more smoke full of tobacco taste and aroma. This flavor sensation is intensified by tobacco buzz. It is a large part of the appeal of blunt wraps, though it's worth remembering that tobacco products contain nicotine, which can be addictive.

Ease of Use

Both types of rolling require the skill only achieved through practice. Practicing your rolling technique using blunt wraps could become an expensive endeavor. It so happens because blunt wraps are generally more costly than rolling papers.

Slow Transition

Being a novice in rolling, the chance of facing a pile of rejects and imperfect rolls is high. If you are learning to roll manually it is best to start with rolling papers as these are more affordable and easier to work with. As you progress with those, you can apply your skills to rolling blunt wraps.


Rolling papers have a longer shelf life than blunt wraps. While blunt wraps can last longer, they can dry out and become brittle if not stored properly. Zig-Zag Wraps are packaged in a resealable foil pack that keeps them fresh longer and prevents the drying out.


Burn Rate

Zig-Zag is well known for creating slow-burning rolling papers. Burn rate is essential for prolonging the smoking ritual, especially when sharing the experience with others.

When smoking in a company of friends, you want the joint or blunt to go around your smoking circle at least once, thus you are likely to look for a slow-burning method. The thickness, moisture content, and air permeability of high-quality blunt wraps make them burn slower than any rolling paper.

Couple the slow-burn quality of a premium blunt wrap with its size and you have a method that will outlast most other smoking methods. Hence blunt wraps are the best choice for relaxing with friends or even stretching out an indulgent solo smoking session.


We see some peculiar rolling papers appearing in the shops today: from transparent ones to those featuring eye-catching graphics. All this is a feast for the eyes.

Yet when it comes to high-brow sophistication, nothing beats the look and feel of a perfectly rolled big brown blunt. The color depth and the shape are synonymous with the cigar-smoking gentleman of yesteryear.


The process of rolling can be time-consuming and challenging for a novice. In recent times we have seen innovations that have made rolling more convenient. One such innovation is pre-rolled tubes or pre-rolled cones. These are widely available and are usually made from paper.

With pre-rolled cones, no rolling is necessary. The only thing needed is to fill the empty shell from the front, pack it, sit back, light up and enjoy. What's more, this ultra-convenient option is now available as a blunt wrap.

Zig-Zag Cone Wraps offer the most convenient way to enjoy the taste and feel of a blunt wrap without the added effort. They are made from the same tobacco sheet as the Zig-Zag Original Wrap but are cut-shaped and pre-rolled to perfection. Each resealable pack contains two premium pre-rolled cones. An impressive choice of flavors is also present. Keep it natural with Straight Up or mix it with grape, pineapple, or dragon berry.


Choosing between rolling papers and blunt wraps is a matter of preference. When deciding between the two, rely on your lifestyle, needs, and specific tastes. Blunt wraps are more expensive but offer an indulgent and premium treat for those who tend to stick with rolling papers.

While rolling papers are available in various sizes, blunt wraps can be cut to size for a customizable smoking experience. If you're into the naked flavor of your herb or filler, rolling papers are your choice as they impart little to no taste. But if you want to enhance your smoking experience with the richness of tobacco, blunt wraps are a great way to go!