Must-Have Blunt Rolling Accessories

Have you just begun your journey into the world of blunt wraps? If so, you may be wondering what blunt rolling accessories are necessary to roll the perfect blunt. Perhaps you're well versed in the art of rolling blunts but are looking for ways to enhance your experience. Whatever the case, you have come to the right place. Stay with us to learn more about blunt wraps and the must-have blunt rolling accessories.

Blunt Wraps

Blunt wraps have been gaining popularity since the early 90s. The term "blunt" wrap comes from an American cigar brand named Phillies Blunts. Phillies Blunt cigars were often split down the length by smokers who would then empty the tobacco filling. This almost surgical process allowed the smoker to re-roll their filler of choice using the empty shell of the cigar.

The Rise of Blunt Wraps

The East Coast rapper Redman threw fuel on the fire when he released his 1992 track How to Roll a Blunt. As the name suggests, this track is essentially a street-smart DIY tutorial on how to roll a blunt. More artists would rap about it as the art of rolling blunts swept the nation and eventually the world.

Meeting Demand

Rolling paper companies would soon see to this rising demand and create ready-to-roll blunt wraps, which would make the rolling process accessible as ready-to-roll blunts don't require the smoker to remove the tobacco filling.

Blunt Wraps Today

The market today is flooded with ready-to-roll blunt wraps. They offer a great way to enhance your smoking experience. Rolling papers have their place - they are great for everyday smoke as they tend to be more economical than blunt wraps. But blunt wraps are perfect for stepping things up. They offer a high-brow aesthetic, an extra tobacco buzz, and a rich flavor.


Rolling a blunt by hand requires skill - mostly fine motor skills and muscle memory. It requires time and patience. The art of rolling blunts is a personal one. It is a ritual and a moment to unwind. Smoking accessories can significantly enhance this process. Which of them is a must-have? Let's dive right in!

Rolling Trays

Rolling trays are great for both rolling joints and blunts. When rolling a blunt by hand, it is common to drop a few crumbs here and there. A rolling tray can prevent a mess and save your precious herb, which in the long run can save you money.

Rolling trays provide a flat surface to work on while keeping your accessories together. Most rolling trays have a raised lip that prevents things from sliding off, and they come in many different materials and sizes.

Zig-Zag rolling trays come in a few sizes. The small tray is great for slipping into a handbag when you're moving. It's essentially a portable blunt-rolling workstation! It measures 10.65x6.30 inches and is made from durable and lightweight metal.

Zig-Zag's large tray is made from the same lightweight material and measures 13.4x10.8 inches. While it may not be as portable as the smaller tray, it is great for rolling in the comfort of your living room. This tray offers a decent amount of space for laying out your tools.


When it comes to rolling joints, a herb grinder is essential. But when grinding up herb for a blunt wrap, you ideally want a courser grind than you would use in a joint. Blunt rolling purists may prefer to break up the herb with their fingers. But if you prefer using a grinder, that's fine. Just be sure not to overdo it with grinding, as it may restrict the airflow and affect the draw incorrectly. That is why it is best to avoid an electric grinder. Instead, use a manual herb grinder, but remember that a chunky consistency works best in blunt wraps. A high-quality grinder will produce an even grind necessary for the perfect blunt.

Stash Box

A stash box is a right way to keep all your smoking accessories together. For example, how often do you lose a lighter or find that you have misplaced your filter tips? Keeping a well-organized stash box can prevent these sorts of frustrations. Zig-Zag Tin Box is a pocket-size stash box that will keep your accessories in one place. On top of that, its sturdy construction will prevent your blunt wraps from being crushed.

An alternative to a stash box is a pouch. Pouches are great for keeping it together when traveling. Instead of tossing your blunt-rolling accessories into a bag, pack them into a travel pouch. This will prevent them from getting jumbled in your luggage. A stash box or a pouch is a must-have for the traveling blunt-smoker!

Filter Tip 

When it comes to blunts, some may forgo using a filter tip. But, they do make for a smooth draw and an enhanced experience. Smoking a blunt can lead to debris slipping through the mouthpiece and into your mouth and ruin your smoking session. A filter tip can stop this from happening.

Using a filter tip in your blunt can create space between your lips and the smoldering cherry, thus preventing your fingers or lips from burning! In addition, a filter tip can add some structure to your blunt and make it easier to roll and smoke.

While filter tips are easy enough to create using virtually any card stock, you may want some pre-cut ones. Zig-Zag Wide rolling tips are perfect for rolling blunts. They are 25mm wide and are biodegradable, vegan-friendly, and free from GMO, chlorine, or dye. The perforations allow you to create a custom size to suit your specific needs.

Packing Tool

Rolling a blunt that is evenly packed can be a challenge. If a blunt is not sealed correctly, it can burn unevenly and lead to an unpleasant experience. Rolling a blunt is one thing, but making sure it's appropriately packed requires some post-production tweaks. Tapping the mouthpiece on a hard surface while holding the blunt upright may do the trick. However, in most cases, it may not be as simple.

This is where packing tools come in. A packing tool is a thin object to tamp down the herb in an already-rolled blunt gently. While you could use just about anything to get the job done, packing tools are often provided with blunt wraps. But if you happen to be to have lost your packing tool, try using a bobby pin, a toothpick, or anything small, thin, and rigid.


Let's not forget the all-important lighter! There are plenty of options available, but nothing beats the one you have on you when it comes to the best lighter. You may feel stylish sporting an electric lighter or a classic Zippo. But finding out you have forgotten to refill your trusty lighter can leave you frustrated and unable to smoke.

Always keep a spare lighter around. Keep one in your stash box and one in your backpack or handbag. A lighter is arguably the most crucial smoking accessory there is. After all, without it, you can't light up!

Ash Trays

As is the case with joints, blunts produce ash. An ashtray can prevent a mess and provide you with a place to dispose of your blunt butt. But that's not all... An ashtray can be an extension of your personality.

Nowadays, you'll be spoilt for choice as they come in numerous shapes, sizes, and colors. An astray can be thought of as a piece of décor. So why not select the one that goes with the color palette of your living room?

Larger ashtrays are ideal for entertaining as they reduce the risk of an overflowing ashtray. There are even travel ashtrays that are easy to store. Some are ultra-portable and convenient and can clip onto your keys. Ashtrays are a must-have for any blunt smoker. Select one that reflects your personality and your lifestyle. 

Roach Clip or Blunt Holder

Have you ever burnt your fingers when trying to smoke a blunt right down to the filter? A roach clip is a simple tool that you can use to hold the blunt while you smoke. It allows you to smoke your blunt down to the very last hit.

Roach clips come in various shapes and sizes and are super convenient. A blunt holder is similar to a roach clip in that it holds the blunt and allows you to smoke it down to the filter without burning yourself.

Blunt holders feature different designs and sizes that can level up your smoking experience. One of the things that a holder has over a roach clip is that it cools the smoke before it reaches your mouth and makes it for a smooth draw. Roach clips and blunt holders are a great way to enhance and get the most out of your smoking experience. 

Best Blunt Wraps 

With all this talk about accessories, you may be wondering which blunt wraps are best. It has a lot to do with your preference. There are a few things that you should consider. If you plan to smoke in a group, Zig-Zag Natural Leaf blunt wraps offer the largest capacity. These wraps are made from whole tobacco leaf and measure 110x56mm. They are the closest to the traditional blunt rolling method without dissecting and re-rolling a cigar.

Blunts are typically much larger than joints. You may be new to blunt rolling and looking for something smaller. Maybe an option more along the lines of a single serving. Zig-Zag 'Rollo Size Wraps are based on the size of a cigarillo, which is ideal for a solo smoking session or a blunt between friends.

Rolling a joint can be challenging. And rolling a blunt takes just as much skill, if not more! If you are new to hand-rolling, it is best to practice using rolling papers as they typically come at a lower price point. This way, you won't feel bad about churning out reject joints while practicing. Yet there is no reason that you should have to wait for your skills to develop before experiencing the slow-burning, rich flavor of a blunt.

Zig-Zag Cigar Cones offer a great shortcut to enjoying a blunt. Break up your herb, fill the pre-rolled cone from the front, pack it, and light up. It is that easy! All Zig-Zag Wraps come in a foil-fresh, resealable package. They are also available in an array of flavors! However, it is essential to note that tobacco wraps contain nicotine which can be addictive. If you are sensitive to nicotine, try Zig-Zag Hemp Wraps. These wraps offer a 100% tobacco-free blunt smoking experience.


While you'll get by with just a blunt wrap and some herb, you won't get very far without a lighter! Beyond that, there is an extensive choice of accessories designed to enhance your smoking experience. Blunt holders and roach clips help you get the most out of your herb, and ashtrays prevent a mess.

Rolling trays make an ideal work surface for you to create blunts. Packing tools can help get the job done correctly, and filter tips keep debris out of your mouth. In the end, there is no right or wrong way to get the job done. Elevate your smoking experience by selecting the accessories that suit your style. Keep rolling, keep creating, slip into a groove and enjoy the ritual whenever you can.