Types of tobacco wraps and how to choose them

Smoking culture is in constant flux. The experiments of innovators spur on change and create new methods of smoking that elevate the experience. Walk into any smoke shop and you're met with a wide array of smoking accessories, from pipes and bongs to dab rigs, as well as a library of rolling papers.

Blunt wraps stand among them as a relatively new innovation, which was popularized by Hip Hop culture. Whether you enjoy long solitary walks with a joint in hand or a communal smoking session with your closest friends, blunt wraps can enhance your smoking experience. Stay with us to find out the origins of blunt wraps, what separates them from rolling papers, and how to choose them and use them.

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What is a Blunt?

Unless you're new to crafting joints you have probably heard the term 'blunt' bandied around a lot. Sometimes it seems as though blunt and joint are used interchangeably. But this is a mistake. A blunt is similar to a joint in that it contains a filler of your choice.

But while joints are usually rolled using rolling papers, blunts are rolled using blunt wraps. A blunt wrap is usually made from tobacco leaf, although with recent innovations we have seen them made from hemp and other natural materials. It is important to note that tobacco products contain nicotine which can be addictive. But for non-tobacco smokers, there are tobacco-free alternatives to blunt wraps.

Tobacco blunt wraps add a tobacco-like flavor to your smoke. Whether they're made from tobacco leaf, hemp, or other materials, blunt wraps will add flavor to your draw. This is part of their appeal. Blunt wraps come in an overwhelming array of other flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, and pineapple. Generally speaking, blunts hold much more filler than regular rolling papers. This is another reason why they have become so popular.


While the process of rolling smokeables with tobacco leaf is not something new, the term 'blunt' is relatively new. It is derived from Phillies Blunt Cigars. In the 80s it became a common practice among smokers on the east coast of the USA to remove the tobacco from a Phillies Blunt Cigar. They would then replace the empty tobacco leaf shell with their favorite herb.

While Phillies Blunts were a popular choice, other brands like Dutch Masters, Swisher Sweets, and White Owl cigars were used in much the same way. The process of removing tobacco filling from cigars was popularized by rappers like Snoop Dogg and Redman. Redman's 1992 Hip Hop track 'How to Roll a Blunt' explains the process in great detail.

This wasn't the first time the term 'blunt' was used in the lyrics of a Hip Hop track and it wouldn't be the last. While blunts grew out of the east coast Hip Hop scene, they would soon engulf the entire smoking culture.

Eventually, there'd be no need to empty a cigar and repack it as rolling paper manufacturers would meet demand by producing blunt wraps. Although the traditional method is still widely practiced, brands like Zig-Zag offer an alternative to tobacco-based blunt wraps.

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Blunt Wraps vs Rolling Papers

If you are trying to decide between blunt wraps and rolling papers there are a few things to take into consideration. Rolling papers are a staple in the smoking community. And they're ideal for everyday use as they are more affordable than blunt wraps. While you can get up to 50 papers in a booklet you will usually get two wraps in a pack of blunt wraps. There is a wide range of different types of rolling papers to choose from. You can select everything from the size, shape, and material. Rolling papers are also user-friendly.

Blunt wraps can be slightly more difficult to work with and can dry out and expire if not used quickly enough. Dry blunt wraps can crack and be impossible to work with but high-quality blunt wraps are packaged in resealable packaging.

Many veteran smokers enjoy blunt wraps over papers as they offer an air of sophistication to the smoking experience. Not only do they create sweet aromatic smoke they also have a high-brow aesthetic and great taste. You'll be spoilt for choice when selecting blunt wraps as they come in many different flavors.

Blunt wraps are usually much bigger than rolling papers which means they can hold larger quantities of herb. They are also a lot thicker than rolling papers and burn much slower. Because they are large and slow-burning, blunts are ideal for those larger social smoking sessions. But it is good to know that they also come in smaller cigarillo sizes.


Types of Blunt Wraps

As the popularity of blunts gained traction, rolling paper manufacturers began to introduce ready-to-roll blunt wraps. Emptying flavored cigars and repacking them can be time-consuming. Blunt wraps offer an alternative to the traditional method.

Today blunt wraps are made from a variety of materials. They are usually packaged in resealable packs containing two wraps or sometimes four. There is an overwhelming amount of different types of blunt wraps as well as a wide offering of many tasty flavors. Always be sure to purchase blunt wraps from a reputable brand to ensure a high-quality smoking experience.

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Whole Leaf Wraps

Fronto leaf is sometimes referred to as Franta leaf. Fronto is a whole tobacco leaf that is most often used to roll herbal products. Fronto tobacco leaves are naturally cured in such a way as to offer a rich flavor to your blunt. While Fronto leaf is difficult to come by, some companies produce whole leaf blunt wraps. You can identify these wraps by the visible grain structure in the leaf.

Zig-Zag's Natural Leaf Wraps are made from whole tobacco leaf. Once cured it goes through no further processing. The leaf is simply cut and shaped by hand creating a wrap that is perfect for rolling blunts.

These Natural Leaf Wraps offer a pure tobacco smoking experience that will suit the tastes of even the most discerning smokers. You have a choice between Sweet, Straight-up, Vanilla cream, Palma, and Berry Bash flavors. Zig-Zag's Natural Leaf wraps offer a natural slow burn and smooth smoke.


Tobacco Blunt Wrap

As the name suggests, tobacco wraps are made from tobacco. They differ from Fronto or whole leaf wraps in that they are made from tobacco pulp in a similar way that rolling papers are made. But being blunt wraps they are much thicker than rolling papers. The tobacco used to make these wraps are usually tobacco leaves that were not suitable for full leaf blunt wraps.

These tobacco leaves are instead pulped and turned into uniform slow-burning blunt wraps. Different flavors are often added during the manufacturing process. Flavors include chocolate, berry, grape, and vanilla. Tobacco blunt wraps are widely available and extremely popular.

Zig-Zag Original Wraps are made using high-quality tobacco-based fillers and binders. The specialized process creates a uniform sheet of blunt wrap that has been optimized for color, moisture content, and air permeability.

This makes for a premium slow-burning and ultra-smooth smoke. Our wide range of flavors will have you wanting to try a few at a time. When you have settled on a flavor, you'll find two high-quality 110x48mm blunt wraps packaged in a resealable foil-fresh pouch.

Looking for something a little more suited to a solo sesh? Try Zig-Zag 'Rillo Size Wraps. The size of these blunt wraps is based on the size of a cigarillo, hence the name. They are crafted in the very same way as Zig-Zag Original Wraps only they are cut smaller. They measure in at 108x34mm which makes them ideal for a solo smoke session. 'Rollo Size Wraps come in a resealable pouch of 4 wraps and are available in an array of flavors.


Cone Blunt Wraps

Veteran blunt smokers may be familiar with pre-rolled paper cones. These cone-shaped shells are the ultimate convenience. Rolling a joint or a blunt can take patience and skill that is only learned through practice.

Pre-rolled cones offer an easier route. With pre-rolled cones, all the rolling is done. All you need to do is fill, pack it and light up. Pre-rolled paper cones have been growing in popularity in the past decade. And in recent years pre-rolled blunt wraps have become a well-loved and convenient way to enjoy a blunt.

Zig-Zag Cone Wraps offer a premium blunt wrap with an emphasis on convenience. They are made with the same high-quality tobacco-based products as Zig-Zag Original wraps. They are expertly formed around an unbleached filter tip. These pre-rolled wraps are 110mm and are tapered from the 6mm tip to the 13.5mm opening. These premium pre-rolls come in a pack of two and are available in a range of flavors such as pineapple, blueberry, and dragon berry.

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Hemp Blunt Wrap

While tobacco-based blunt wraps are fine for tobacco smokers, you may not smoke tobacco. Hemp blunt wraps offer a tobacco-free alternative. Hemp is often used in the manufacture of rolling papers but hemp wraps are quite different from papers in that they are much thicker.

Hemp wraps are made from hemp-based products and are often flavored during the manufacturing process. Hemp has gained popularity in recent years as one of the most sustainable crops in the world. This makes it ideal for the eco-conscious consumer.

Zig-Zag Hemp Wraps offer refined sophistication in a high-quality blunt wrap without tobacco. These blunt wraps offer a smooth, slow-burning experience and come in a few great flavors. You can choose between Island Vibes, Blue Dream, or keep it original with OG Purp. Zig-Zag Hemp Wraps are a premium tobacco-free option that will satisfy the most discerning tastes. They also come with a very handy packing straw to help you craft the perfect blunt.


How to Roll a Blunt

Rolling a blunt is similar to rolling a joint. If you are new to the art of rolling it is probably best to practice rolling a joint with standard rolling papers. This is because rolling papers are much more affordable than blunt wraps. Once you have gotten a feel for joint rolling these skills will translate well into rolling a blunt. The trick is to get your filler packed, evenly distributed within the wrap, and properly sealed.

This section will provide an overview of the process of rolling a blunt. You will need a herb grinder, filter tips, a lighter, herb of your choice, and of course a blunt wrap. Zig-Zag Original Wraps are a good place to start. A rolling tray is an optional extra. It can catch the crumbs you drop along the way and prevent a mess. It also provides you with a firm work surface that is clean and portable.



Blunt rolling purists may choose to break up their herb with only their fingers, although you may use a herb grinder if you prefer. Avoid grinding the herb down to a powder. If the herb is too fine it won't draw well when packed inside the blunt wrap. Air needs to flow through the blunt to work properly. Typically, blunts draw well when packed with a chucky or coarse grind. You will need about a gram to two grams to fill your blunt.

Next, roll your filter tip. If you want to speed up the process you can use Zig-Zag Pre-rolled filter tips. These will save you having to create one yourself as they are rolled and ready to go. While a filter tip is optional it will prevent you from drawing debris into your mouth, which will make for cleaner smoke.

To create a make-shift filter tip you can cut a piece of cardstock about 1x2". Start by making a few small accordion-like folds on one end and roll the rest of the card stock around it until you have a small neat cylinder.


Load the Wrap

Load your filter tip on one end of the blunt wrap. Most people will place the tip on the left-hand side but do whatever feels comfortable. Lay your ground herb down evenly in the blunt wrap from one end to the other. The trick is not to put too much to too little filler in the blunt wrap - use the thickness of the filter tip as a gauge.

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Start Rolling

Begin to roll the blunt wrap between your thumbs and forefingers. This will further distribute the herb while packing it and shaping it. If some filler falls out the end of the blunt it's not a problem. make sure the tip stays in and that there is no gap between the filter tip and the herb. Once you can feel that the herb is packed and that it is evenly distributed, you're ready for the tricky part.

Tuck, Roll, and Seal

This is the part that most people find difficult. While rolling you need to tuck the thumb-edge underneath the forefinger-edge. Tuck and roll at the same time to be sure that the edge bites and are pulled under the other edge.

Once tucked, continue rolling until about half an inch of the edge protrudes. Wet the full length of this edge before sticking it down firmly. Run your finger across the seal to be sure that the blunt is sealed. You can now fill any space through the front of the blunt by dropping crumbs that may have fallen out during the rolling process. Tap the filter tip side to further pack the blunt.

That's a Wrap

Now that your blunt is rolled you're ready to kick back and light up. The art of rolling the perfect blunt takes time to master. You will learn tricks along the way and with some practice, you will be rolling big beautiful blunts. Take your time and enjoy the ritual.


It is no wonder why blunts wraps are so popular. Blunts hold more filler than regular rolling papers and also burn slower. This makes them great for sharing your smoking experience with others. Not only is the sophisticated aesthetic appealing but blunt wraps are also available in many different flavors.

When selecting blunt wraps you could opt for the traditional method of removing the filler from a cigar and rerolling your herb inside it. Or you can choose blunt wraps that are specifically made from rolling blunts. When it comes to high-quality blunt wraps - Zig-Zag has you covered.

Zig-Zag Natural Leaf Wraps offer an unadulterated and pure tobacco smoking experience. Zig-Zag Original wraps are made from tobacco-based materials and are crafted into a uniform wrap. Both of these offer a premium slow burn and smooth smoke.

Are you looking for something smaller? Try Zig-Zag 'Rillo Size Wraps. And for a convenient option choose Zig-Zag Cone Wraps. Are you looking for a tobacco-free alternative? Try Zig-Zag Hemp Wraps. Whatever your preference - Zig-Zag has a blunt wrap for you.