10 reasons to choose natural leaf wraps

Whether you are new to the art of rolling or well-versed in the art form, you have to admit, blunts are one of the coolest smoking methods there is. With roots deeply embedded in hip-hop culture, they offer a cigar-like aesthetic and rich aromatic smoke.

Sure, joints are great, but few smoking experiences can compare with kicking back with a fat hand-rolled blunt. Touch the flame to a perfect blunt, sink into the sofa, and be engulfed by the smoky richness of premium tobacco and your herb of choice. What else can you desire?

Choosing to smoke joints or blunts is one thing. However, when it comes to blunt wraps you are highly likely to face an excessive choice. Rolling paper companies meet customer demands by rolling out a wide array of blunt wraps made from different materials and offering different flavors. There is no way you can go wrong with natural leaf wraps though, and here's why.


Classic Style

Before rolling paper manufacturers began producing ready-to-roll blunt wraps, smokers on the east coast of the USA were taking matters into their own hands. In states like New York and Pennsylvania, it was common practice in the 1980s to remove the filler from cigars and reroll the tobacco shell with their herb.

That is how the term 'blunt' came to be. Phillies Blunts are cigars that were commonly used to produce blunts. Other brands used for the same purpose were Swisher Sweets, White Owl, and Dutch Masters.

Rappers like Redman and Snoop Dogg were among those who made blunts attractive to the public. Redman's 1992 track "How to Roll a Blunt" is a step-by-step guide on how to roll a blunt by removing the filler from the cigar and replacing it with your own. Many 90s rappers would use the term 'blunt' in their rhymes. This popularization eventually led to the entire smoking community catching on and the blunt becoming a mainstream staple.

While this DIY method is still widely practiced, rolling paper companies started to develop blunt wraps similar in use to that of rolling papers. There is no need to remove the filler — just roll up your freshly ground herb and light it up.

Today blunt wraps are usually made from pulped or masticated tobacco and rolled into uniform sheets. Still, there exists a product that reminds us of the good old classic blunt wrap. Introducing natural leaf wraps! These blunt wraps are made from whole tobacco leaves similar to those used to roll cigars.

Leaf wraps can be identified by vein-like creases and natural imperfections. This method of rolling is the closest to the traditional one but without the need to dissect a cigar. Whole or natural leaf wraps are ready to roll.

Zig-Zag Natural Leaf Wraps are ideal for someone looking for a pure tobacco smoking experience. Once cured, the tobacco leaf goes through no further processing. These slow-burning, smooth smoking hemp wraps are hand-cut and shaped. You have a range of flavors to choose from: Straight Up, Sweet, Berry Bash, and Vanilla Cream.

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Slow Burning

Traditional rolling papers are a favorite go-to for most smokers as they offer affordability and convenience. While high-quality papers like Zig-Zag French Orange offer a premium slow-burn experience, blunt wraps offer an even slower burn rate. The reason is partly due to the thickness of the wrap material.

A slow burn rate makes for a longer smoke session with you having more time to relax and settle into the smoking ritual. It also means that the blunt will stay lit longer which is great for social smoking when the blunt should make its way around the circle more than once.

When it comes to blunt wraps, natural leaf wraps will burn longer than regular tobacco wraps. Natural leaf wraps offer the ultimate slow-burning experience. Why rush the process? Life should be enjoyed, and so is the smoking experience. Take the time to roll the perfect blunt using natural leaf wraps. Slip into the groove, sit back, relax and let that blunt burn slowly.


Rich Flavor

It is no wonder why cigar smoking is so popular. Tobacco produces naturally flavorful smoke that may remind you of a range of delectable flavors like coffee, walnuts, or chocolate. While rolling papers have their place, natural leaf wraps deliver an enhanced experience due to the rich earthy flavors that tobacco adds to your smoking experience.

Rolling papers are ideal for preserving the natural and pure taste of your filler or herb of choice, as they don't influence the flavor of your joint that much. The thinner the paper, the less flavor it imparts onto your smoke.

On the other hand, natural leaf blunt wraps are noticeably thicker than rolling papers and create more smoke. This smoke is also full of rich flavor notes that can intermingle with the flavor of your herb or filler.

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Attractive Appearance 

The humble joint is the most classic and iconic way to smoke. However, it can't trump a beautifully-rolled dark brown blunt when it comes to appearance. The blunt evokes images of cigar-smoking Mafia mobsters or sharply dressed people in suits, huddled around making business decisions.

There is something classy and high-brow about the blunt. The appeal of fat and well-rolled blunt may also come from its ultra-cool hip-hop roots. Whatever the case, you can't argue that natural leaf wraps offer an element of sophistication to your smoking experience. Next time you're rolling for a group, switch it up and turn heads by reaching for a natural leaf blunt wrap.

Extra Buzz

It is no secret that the nicotine in tobacco products offers a relaxing buzz to your smoking experience. If you are a tobacco smoker this might be exactly what you need. If you're sensitive to nicotine it's best to give natural leaf wraps a wide berth.

It is important to note that all tobacco products except for rolling items contain nicotine, which can be very addictive. We may offer a solution for those who are not accustomed to the effects of nicotine and are looking for an alternative to blunt wraps. In recent years we have seen the rise of tobacco-free blunt wraps, some of which are made from palm leaf, whole banana leaf and hemp.

Zig-Zags Hemp Wraps offer a slow-burning, smooth-smoking flavorful blunt wrap that is also tobacco-free. It comes in a range of delicious flavors like Blue Dream, Island Vibes, OG Purp, and Natural. Enjoy all the benefits of smoking a blunt without tobacco with these super tasty, 100% tobacco-free hemp blunt wraps.



We consume products that undergo an overwhelming amount of processing far too often. This excessive processing takes us further away from the raw authenticity of the experience itself. The same applies to smoking.

The act of smoking is personal. It is a ritual and a moment to unwind, decompress and indulge your senses in the company of close friends or on your own. Smoking products should be a reflection of this act.

Natural leaf blunt wraps offer the means to enjoy your smoke with little to zero unnecessary processing and give you a raw, slow-burning, smooth drawing and natural way to roll and enjoy your herb.

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Many Flavors

Along with the natural flavor of cigar leaf wraps, there are a plethora of enhanced leaf wraps available. They come in form of flavored blunt wraps and offer an enriched smoking experience. Opting for flavored natural leaf wraps is a great way to change things up. You may become too used to the flavor of your classical blunt wraps, thus being detracted from the process of smoking.

Sometimes it takes something new and unexpected to spark your interest in smoking and this is where flavored blunt wraps come in. Are you looking for something fruity? Try Berry Bash. How about something decadent? Zig-Zag has you covered with Vanilla Cream flavored Natural Leaf Wraps. Whatever your taste or flavor of choice, we have a Zig-Zag natural leaf blunt wrap ready for you. 


Filter Tip Compatible

Smoking with a filter tip is a matter of preference. While some smokers prefer the bareback appeal of a filter-less blunt, there is no denying that a filter tip makes for smooth smoke. A filter tip can prevent you from sucking debris into your mouth when you draw on the mouthpiece of a blunt.

It can also create a safe space between your face and the smoldering cherry, not to mention the structure that it adds to the mouthpiece of your blunt. Suffice to say that you can't go wrong opting to use a filter tip.

The great news is that natural leaf blunt wraps are compatible with filter tips. A filter tip is easy enough to fashion using some card stock and scissors. But why not opt for a booklet of Zig-Zag Original Filter Tips? These filter tips are biodegradable, GMO-free, chlorine-free, dye-free, and vegan friendly. These premium tips boast perforated lines that will help you create the perfect shape and size.

In case you're looking for an even simpler option, choose Zig-Zag Pre-rolled Filter Tips  — they require no additional rolling or shaping and are ready to pop into your blunt and roll up along with your favorite herb.


Smoking is a sensory experience. The taste sensation and the aromatic aspect of this experience are a big part of the overall appeal. The smell of someone lighting up will often urge you to sit back, roll and light one up yourself. Blunt wraps enhance this aromatic appeal. The sweet and smoky aromas of the tobacco leaf wrap commingling with your herb can be rather therapeutic on its own.

It can be further enhanced with flavored blunt wraps. Rolling papers will not offer much aroma but will let you experience the unadorned flavor notes of your herb. Natural blunt wraps produce more smoke than traditional rolling papers and thus a more indulgent aroma. Whichever you choose, it is a matter of preference.

Large Capacity

One major benefit to natural leaf wraps is the amount of herb or filler they can hold. They have a much larger capacity than rolling papers. Even big-size rolling papers like the classic king-size papers are slightly smaller than most natural leaf wraps.

Zig-Zag Natural Leaf Wraps measure 110x65mm vs. king-size rolling papers that measure 100x53mm. Blunts are great for smoking with friends because they burn slower. Why not roll up a blunt for a solo smoking session? If you're feeling indulgent - go for it!

Communing with close friends over a joint is one of the best ways to enjoy the smoking experience. Why allow it to be interrupted by a joint not making it around the circle? Rolling with natural leaf blunt wraps is a great way to keep the session going longer without having to stop and roll another joint.



While blunts are great for social occasions, smoking a blunt by yourself may be too much for some people. You could opt for rolling paper unless you'd like to experience the rich flavor of a natural leaf blunt wrap. Instead of rolling a blunt for yourself and not finishing it, you can easily cut the natural leaf wrap into a smaller size.

Use scissors to trim the natural leaf wrap into a more manageable size but mind leaving some space for your filter tip! Roll up your single-serving blunt and enjoy. Another option is filling the blunt wrap with just enough filler for yourself and cutting away the excess leaf.

Thankfully, the process of rolling a blunt using natural leaf wraps is customizable. Don't feel obliged to use the entire wrap and use only what you need.


Alternatives to Natural Leaf Wraps

From the rich and earthy aroma to the aesthetic and spacious, natural leaf blunt wraps are the best option for every smoker. Note, however, that there are natural leaf alternatives also worthy of your consideration. Let's take a look at what else is available.


Original Wraps

Zig-Zag Original Wraps are different from Natural Leaf Wraps in that they are made from pulped tobacco leaves. These leaves are of high quality but may lack the perfect appearance as they are produced with optimum moisture content, color, and air permeability in mind. These tobacco wraps offer a premium smooth smoking, slow-burning experience. Each pack comes with two 110x48mm blunt wraps in a foil-fresh resealable pouch.


'Rillo Wraps

Zig-Zag 'Rillo Size Wraps offer the same premium experience but in a cigarillo size convenient for smaller groups and single servings. In each resealable pouch, there are four 108x34mm ready-to-roll blunt wraps. Both the Original Wraps and the 'Rillo wraps are available in a wide range of flavors. Don't get spoiled!

Pre Rolled Cones

Rolling a joint requires patience and fine motor skills. So is the blunt rolling. If you are looking for a convenient alternative to crafting a blunt by hand, try Zig-Zag Cigar Cones. These tobacco cones are pre-rolled wraps that only require filling. They come in a resealable pack of two and are available in grape, blueberry, pineapple, and dragon berry flavors!



Natural leaf blunt wraps offer a sophisticated and authentic tobacco smoking experience. With a cool aesthetic and roots deeply embedded in Hip-Hop culture, natural leaf wraps have a large herb capacity and a rich flavor and aroma. Besides their considerable size, they are also slow-burning and extend your smoking session with friends.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a better leaf wrap than Zig-Zag Natural Leaf Wraps. Crafted from the finest tobacco leaf, hand-cut and shaped, they are available in various flavors that will satisfy even those with exquisite taste.

It is important to note that tobacco products contain nicotine which can be addictive. Unless you are a tobacco smoker, we are happy to let you know that tobacco-free alternatives are also present on the market. Zig-Zag Hemp Wraps are 100% tobacco-free and still offer a slow burn and a smooth draw with numerous available flavors.